Janice Kimball Aztec Art Studios Ajijic

Janice Kimball Aztec Art Studios Ajijic

Janice Kimball Aztec Art Studios AjijicWelcome to my website

I am the owner of Aztec Writing and Weaving Studios in Ajijic, a fishing village on volcanic Lake Chapala in Central Mexico. My Mayan weaver, Francisco Urzua, our parrot, Max Bird, (somewhat of a local celebrity,) Precious Poodle, Isabella and Pedro cats, six pond fish and I strive for a simple life in our high-walled habitat. This cannot always be achieved, however, as my right foot is entrenched in the world of writing while my left is firmly planted in the world of visual art. This website reaches to encompass both worlds. It is my hope that you venture into each section to get the full picture of our unique lifestyle, writings and art.

Janice Kimball Aztec Art Studios AjijicAZTEC STUDIOS: In this section you will learn about the actual process we use in making our unique weavings. You will see our workspace and our ancient looms, the same as were originally brought here during the conquest of Mexico in the hold of Spanish ships. You will see the variety of materials we use and how we dye wool over a gas burner in front of our studios on the cobblestone street. You will meet Maestro Francisco Urzua and learn of his weaving heritage. Lastly, you will meet Max Bird, known locally as our public relations executive, and Francisco's companion, Precious Poodle. Links to the current YouTube movies of our first and second floor gallery and live/work spaces are included here.

THE GALLERY: Here you will see photographs of our new contemporary weavings. Many of our wall pieces belong to a series. In 2015 a weaving from our JAZZ series won second place at the Ajijic Society of the Arts prestigious annual judged show, and in 2016 a weaving from our COSMOS series won second place. In this section you will see work from other series, and how to purchase one for your home at Mexican prices. There is also a link to AZTEC STUDIOS on YouTube during our prehispanic inspired period.

THE WRITINGS: This has been a productive year for me as a writer. As well as finishing the final rewrite on the instructional book, THE JOY OF ART, I had a story included in the anthology ALL OUR WORDS NEEDED SAYING, a book of candid short stories by and about women. In addition, I had a short story included in MEXICO: SUNLIGHT AND SHADOWS, the anthology by Egret books that won the small publishers annual gold book award for 1916. The covers, review, and two chapters of THREE IN A CAGE, my first book, are also included in this section.

THE JOY OF ART: After four years of writing the column, ART TALK for The Lake Chapala Review the newspaper folded. I was besieged with the question, "Why not include the columns in a book?" So I did. I consider this comprehensive volume my finest achievement. It is a virgin manuscript, not on Amazon, although I had it published for myself in book form. I will begin the process of looking for an agent or small publisher later this summer. Any help out there?  See the covers, the content and read the first two chapters in this section.

MY HISTORY: This illustrated section is for those of you that are curious or like to see documentation, or would like to get to know me better. It is my personal history. Peace and Plumas, Janice.

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232 Carretera Poiniente
We are on the Ajijic/Jocotepec highway service drive (on the lake side)
facing the Rancho del Oro serpent mural

Janice Kimbal Studios Ajijic

Janice Kimball Aztec Art Studios Ajijic

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